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Cancellation Policy and Procedures

GDS Reservations:

Reservations that come from any of the travel sites/agents.

 For all reservations a deposit must be charged to the guest credit card the same day the booking is received. The $8.50 GDS pass thru fee is a non-refundable fee and if the property refunds the guest deposit after receiving a cancellation, the property is to keep the $8.50 GDS Fee.
Guests cannot cancel the reservation by calling the hotel, please inform the guest that they must cancel the reservation however they booked it. (If they booked it thru expedia they must cancel it thru expedia.)
If the cancellation is not made this way the booking agent will still be expecting to be paid commission, so it is important to follow this procedure whenever possible. In addition, if the cancellation is made correctly thru the booking agent or website, eReservation Group will not charge the connectivity fee.
Your cancellation policy applies to all reservations.  After receiving the cancellation, the property is to determine whether a refund is to be issued after receiving the cancellation thru the system.  Please make sure that your cancellation policy in the system is correct and covers your expenses, policy shown on every reservation.

Booking Engine Reservations: 

Reservations that come from the booking page which we have attached to your travel site. This will not apply to all properties.

If we do not administer your reservations from your hotel website please disregard this section.

Booking engine cancellations:

If a guest calls to cancel a booking engine reservation, it can be done by the guest or the property directly thru the property website booking engine. On the first page of the booking engine, there is a section that reads "Change or Cancel Reservation."  Enter the guest last name and  confirmation number, then click find, and follow the steps indicated to cancel the reservation. A cancellation notice will be sent thru the system and also to the guest.
Reservations cannot be canceled if the cancellation policy period has elapsed, so for example if the property has a 48 hour cancellation policy, reservations cannot be cancelled the day of arrival or the day prior to arrival.

Important: When any cancellation comes thru the system, the room cancelled will be put back into inventory to be resold thru the system.

If you plan to fill the room thru another reservation source you must remove the inventory or there will be a possibility of overbooking. Exceptions: If a guest will not make the cancellation thru the system or for some other reason the cancellation is not made properly thru the system, credit can be given for the cancellation as long as eReservation Group is notified at the time of the incident. Please notify us of exceptions by email at the time of occurrence.  Absolutely no credit will be given for reservations after 30 days. 

Declined Credit Cards: Your property is not obligated to hold a room if you are unable to collect a deposit.  Please notify eReservation Group of every declined credit card on the day the reservation is received.  If your property is going to be completely full, you have the option of contacting the guest or booking agent to try to get a deposit, or notifying us that the reservation will not be honored due to being unable to take a deposit. If your property is not going to book up, you can simply wait to see if the guest arrives, and let us know if you need to be credited for the reservation or not, but even in these cases eReservation Group must still be notified of the declined credit card at the time the reservation is received.
No-Show Guests:  In the event of a No-Show, the property should retain the deposit in accordance with their policies. Please advise eReservation Group within 24 hours and connectivity billing from eReservation Group will be based on the deposit collected.

 Absolutely no credit will be given for reservations after 30 days.