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Sabre/SynXis System Information:

Training Videos

 ** When working in the SynXis CRS be sure to hit the save button to save your changes when you change inventory or availability!!!**

These videos are hosted in Youtube and will open in another window, if you have trouble you might need to adjust your popup blocker settings.

1. Log in with your new User ID and Password.  Contains detailed instructions to get you logged in for the first time.    To open the login page CLICK HERE.   To open the training video CLICK HERE.

2. Adjust your inventory with Room Inventory controls. Contains instructions on controlling your inventory numbers using the Room Inventory section of the CRS.  Simplest way of controlling your actual inventory numbers.  To open the training video CLICK HERE.

3. Control your inventory rates and availability on one page with Daily Manager.  The daily manager allows access to all the controls from a single page... inventory, availability restrictions, rates closures...  Be sure to set your preferences so you get the same view each time.  To open the training video CLICK HERE.

4.  Quick changes to your rates. A quick lesson on how to quickly make adjustments to your rates for short time periods or single days/single rooms using the Daily manager section. To open the training video CLICK HERE.