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Our Services

  • GDS/IDS Reservations: Get connected to the travel ageny and travel site networks. No Setup Fee!

  • Direct Connects to my Merchant Rate Partners ( etc.) Instead of managing your rates and availability in the extranet for, expedia or all your other merchant rate partners, the rates and availability will come from our system.  Manage them all in one place! No Setup Fee!

  • Booking Engine For my Website: We offer the best booking engine in the business!  Simple, intuitive and configurable!  Make your website do the work! No Setup Fee for new clients!

  • Seamless Interface to My Property Management Software:  Your inventory and rates in all the systems will be drawn directly from your own Property Management Software.  All your reservaions from all the sources will flow right into your Front Desk Software.   Decrease your workload!! Save time and work!! Prevent overbookings (Or underbookings!)

  • Sabre PM Property Management Software.  Powerful web based software that is fully integrates with the Central Reservation System.

  • Website Development:  Custom sites at budget prices!



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